Toschcase    Repro-Cases



contact me :


original cases 

are hard to find and very expensive.

that´s why i decided to build a small collection of these charming telecaster  - boxes .

the measurments are an exact reproduction of my original old cases.

i made a special covering , that looks like the original pattern of the 50ties.

the cases come with a lot of original parts like bakelite handle, locks, latches and hings.

i build every cases to order, and  it will take 2-4 weeks for delivery , because every  case is one of a kind  and completely handmade.

the repro thermometer and poodle cases

what the people and customers say :

tom, just got my 54 ´ formfit / poodle reproduction and i am blown away. the case is spectacular

and your work is nothing short of art. thanks for what you do ! 

Video :    https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz_DWnyHrdH/?igshid=11l62mojq7db

Richard  from  blackguardLogs.com   16.07. 2019   Strat poodle

I just received my 6 cases order from Tosh case and Id like to say these are amazing. Great attention to detail and very accurately made. IMHO these are a great alternative If you are in need of an original early 50s case and dont want to spend $5k on the real deal.Tom is such an artist.

Nacho , 05.03. 2021  6 cases !!

I´m very happy , excellent Work Tom . Couldn’t be better .

Joe ,  12 . 01. 2021   Thermometer and Tele Poodle

hi tom, very nice work ! thanks so much .

Joel ,  24.12.2020   Thermometer Alligator and Tele- Poodle Alligator

Hi Tom...The cases arrived . beautifull ! Thanks very much.

Tom ,  01.12.2020   2 Thermometer

Der Koffer ist wirklich superschön und hervorragend gemacht. Perfekt passend zu meiner Telecaster. Ich habe riesig Freude daran.

Dieter ,  27.11.2020  Thermometer

Tom, i just got the case. its great !

Michael,   16.11.2020   Strat Poodle

You did an awesome job, thanks !

Tom ,  17.11.2020     Thermometer

Thank you again for the one you made for me, Tom! It is truly a work of art !

Jochen ,  03.11.2020  Tele Poodle

i received it last week. the case is great and i appreciate your work.

Wesley , 13.10.2020  Thermometer

Hi Tom, The case got here on Friday and it is awesome . Looks dead on, and the poodle case is just soo cool .

Thanks and best regards, Eirik

Eirik , 12.10.2020  Tele Poodle

Wow,  well done good sir.  Worth the wait.  Arrived in great condition. Very pleased keep up the good work.  I am impressed with the level of detail.  Thanks so much from Nick 

Nick , 20.09.2020  Alligator Thermometer

Hi Tom. The case was delivered a few minutes ago. it looks great; my tele fits as I’ve seen them fit in Bulwin cases before. The red interior matches my other case extremely well! Thanks for your hard work- I would be happy to recommend to others requiring this level of historic reconstruction. Best regards, Peter

Peter , 16.09.2020  Tele Poodle

If you want the real look in a vintage Fender case without spending the real dollars you need to look at Tom’s cases!! I am on my second tweed case for my Fender Broadcasters and people can’t tell the difference!! Tom has a very cool thing going with these cases and the details are amazing and real - I am a believer!!”

Dean , 13.09.2020   Tweed Thermometer

Hi Tom, It came a few days ago. It's incredible...you are an artist....many thanks!

Tom ,  12.09. 2020   Thermometer Brown

I got the case today, and it is exceptional. Thanks!

Frank , 21.08.2020  Tweed Thermometer

I am very pleased with the quality and detail that you put in to creating these cases, it is incredible. Thanks so much, Steve.

Steve , 04.06. 2020  Strat Poodle

Finally got the case today, but well worth the wait ! Very nice case !
Thanks for making great cases for Fender guitars........
Tim , 16.05.2020  Alligator Thermometer

Got it !   You are a master !  Love, Harmony & Rhythm.

Luke , 14.05.2020  Alligator  Thermometer

It is fabulous! Your work is excellent ... My blackguard is happy... Thank you my friend...

Emmanuel, 13.03. 2020  Thermometer Brown

that is one cool case!! You really have something going on there!! Thank you and can’t wait to show it off!! People around here are going to die when they see it!!

Dean, 20.01. 2020  Tweed Thermometer

The case has arrived safely. It's beautiful, you did a great job.

Mark , 30.12. 2019  Alligatot Thermometer

Hi Tom, I received the case. I don't like it...I LOVE it  :-)

realy pleased, thanks so much !

Jeff, 12.12. 2019  Alligator Poodle

Thank you for the passion and dedication in producing these cases. Mine  is more beautiful and authentic than I anticipated. The materials and the construction  are so incredibly identical to the vintage one  and I am sharing your website with all my friends. It is not  just a replacement case but a true artwork !

Antonio , 28.11.2019  Alligator Thermometer

Tom , I have received my case. thanks ,Your craft is close

Hope to enjoy it for many years .Best Glen .

Glen , 22. 10. 2019  Thermometer

the case is great and I'm extremely happy with the workmanship and the original compact vintage look. Because I actually play my original 1954 at gigs (festivals, auditoriums to clubs) I decided upon a Tosch case instead of a road case.

The reason for this is that because of the value of the guitar I keep it with me at all times. Therefore to lug a flight case into every non-gig stop ( hotels, restaurants etc) is too tedious.

Walter,  21.10.2019  Strat Poodle

Hi Tom, The case arrived in good shape today. Great case, nice work.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.  All the best,

Kenny ,  10.10. 2019   Thermometer

The case is fucking great! I love it. It was a 58th birthday gift to myself and now I will build a 1954 Strat for it. I’ll send you pictures when finished.

Luke , 07.10. 2019  Strat Poodle

Hallo Tom,

heute Nacht bin ich aus dem Urlaub gekommen und heute Morgen natürlich gleich das Paket geöffnet.

Eine Schönheit , danke !

Martin , 01.10.2019  strat poodle

Got it . its great !

Bill  P.  25.09.2019  Strat Poodle

Einfach super und klasse gemacht dein poodle case, ich bin total begeistert und die 54 bekommt jetzt also ein neues Zuhause !!!

Paolo , 11.08. 2019  Strat Poodle

Love it tom ! Looks amazing !

Zak ,   31.07.2019  Tele poodle

it looks great ! i will have it at a big guitar show in a couple weeks with one of my guitars in it i.

ll lay your cards out with it , thanks alot .

Bill  P.  23.05. 2019  Brown Thermometer

What can I say?  The case is as spectacular and aesthetic in person as in photographs.  You are a master craftsmen with great taste. The detailing and antiquing is perfect and elegant.  It looks vintage with the patina of the old boots, leather-bound books, oriental rugs and antique furniture that I love — a richness and beauty of those pieces created in an era when artisans cared deeply about their craft. So thank you again for making this quickly and getting it here safely.  Doing business has been a pleasure.
I will cherish my Tosch Case to proudly carry my ‘57 blond Telecaster around America.
Best of all things to you, my Tele Brother, 
Lance ,  13.05. 2019   Thermometer Alligator

Hi Tom , case arrived and couldn’t be happier. It’s really hard to source a good authentic case

and you’ve found a real gap in the market. It obviously helps that your cases are ace. 

I wish you every success for the future as it is entirely deserved. 

Michael , 25.04. 2019  Thermometer alligator

hi tom, i received the case today and all i can say that it is a BEAUTIFUL !! your work is outstanding..wow ..

thank you smuch.

Bill  S.,  22.03. 2019  Tele poodle alligator

Absolut großartige Arbeit!!! Der Alligator fühlt sich so etwas von echt an –

das kann man gar nicht in Worte fassen! Total schön von den beiden Teles kann ich nur ausrichten:

So gut haben wir noch nie gewohnt :-)

Stefan , 19.03. 2019  Thermometer alligator

Hi Tom , case just arrived. Looks great, works great, even smells great !

thanks again for a great product and speede delivery. all the best, richard

Richard  22.02.2019   Thermometer alligator



The case arrived today ... and is wonderful! 

Thank you so much I am delighted (as is my guitar).

Adrian    29.01.2019   original thermometre  full restauration

the case arrived this morning. your work is perfect and so great. it is so beautiful and i am so glad and satisfied..

me and my telecaster already falling in love with the beautiful case."

many, many thanks.

takashi   12.11. 2018  original  thermometer full restauration


thank you Tom, nice Job !

Bill P. 12.07. 2018  original poodle case full restauration


Hallo Tom, vielen Dank für das tolle Case, es ist echt  super !

Johann  23.05. 2018  Thermometer


Hi Tom,

The case looks fantastic - you are very talented in making these cases ..

You do great work and I thank you again for your amazing hard work.

Demetrios  01.03. 2018  Alligator Thermometer


Hi Tom,

now I got that great Fender-Tweed-Thermometer-Case and I'm here on my green Sofa with a good bottle of wine, playing on my Tele, so that it will feel comfortable here in its new home.

John 07.02.2018  Tweed Thermometer


“If you’ve you’re prized early 50’s guitar, with its original case damaged, missing the covering, or any part, look no further. Tom is the man if you want to bring back your case to its pristine shine.

He painstakingly researchs original parts and materials, and has an attention to detail and craftsmanship that can guarantee the best restore possibile for your vintage case.

He literally gave a second life to my old thermometer cases. Thank you”

Francesco 14.11.2017  Restauration original Thermometer & Alligator  ( Pictures  at "restoration and ageing" )



Tom’s Tosch cases give me a certain satisfaction. One rewarding aspect of collecting guitars for me is restoring them to

their original glory. An important  part of providing this result in two different cases (pun intended) are these incredibly faithful charming guitar cases. Thank you,

Brian 10.10.2017  Thermometer


thank you Tom. amazing case, love it . absolutely high class !

Jon 07.10.2017  Strat Poodle


Got the case. Holy crap that looks beautiful ! thank you tom .

Michael  06.07 2017   Thermometer


Tom your case you made for me is just beautiful. Amazing workmanship. Thanks so much !

Gene 29.06. 2017   Tele Poodle


just got my toschcase. it´s a Beauty !! thank you Tom .

Dan  07.05. 2017    Tele Poodle


Wer solch ein Case baut ist ein Künstler, absolut authentisch, vom Original nicht mehr zu unterscheiden. Hier treffen Handwerk und Liebe zum Detail aufeinander. Ich kann und muss es mir dauernd anschauen . Danke Tom

Uwe  23.04 2017     Thermometer Tweed


Ich fall gleich in Ohnmacht......Hammer !

die schönsten Repliken alter Fender-Koffer. Also, schöner geht es nicht ! Das neue Five-Star Bettchen  für meine 53er Tele ist gemacht. Das müssen aber nur Fetischisten verstehen.

Klaus  28.02. 2017    Thermometer  Tweed


Hi Tom,

the case is amazing and  looks phenomenal. What a great job! thank you.

Elliot    29.01. 2017   Thermometer


You do an exceptional replica of the guitar cases. I am very impressed by your resourcing the materials of the originals, and your recreation of those beautiful vintage cases. I especially like the vintage details that make your cases very hard to distinguish from the actual original cases. I will be sure to refer any, and all to your web site.Thanks again,

Jamie  02.12. 2016


Arrived ! This one is by far the best one ! Amazing interior, amazing, no words to describe it !

 those cases are really a work of art, and helps in preserving the legacy of the originals, I'm really amazed for the results you've achieved my friend.

Francesco 12.09 2016  Tele Poodle


der „Poodle“ ist gut angekommen. Herzlichen Dank für das wunderschöne Stück !

Beste Grüße, Klaus

Klaus  27.08. 2016  Tele Poodle


 I got it today. man this thing is awesome, I can’t believe how much work it must have been to find all the right hardware and parts . The craftsmanship is great you really did a fantastic job on it . Its perfect for the refin 54 I have . Thanks a lot I hope you do well

with  these . Thanks BILL

Bill  P.   13.07 2016 Strat-Poodle


your case arrived right now...   you are the best !!!!   Its better than originals !!

Stefano 12.07 2016 Strat-Poodle


These are beautiful works of art in my opinion. I have the real thermometer but appreciate the skill and detail of your work.

they look great , thank you !

Bill M. 09.06. 2016   Tele-Poodle and Thermometer


Hello Tom, the case arrived safely today.

What to say...the alligator pattern is amazing, full of "mojo" and realistic.

It doesn't seems "reliced", the aging job is simply incredible. Keep working oh these unique works of art.

Francesco 14.04.2016    Alligator


I have finally found someone who accurately recreates the early 50`s Fender Thermometer and Poodle cases. The correct covering, handle, hardware plus attention to detail that is on par with high-quality boutique manufacturing. These cases look and feel like an original with added benefits of sturdier materials and quality construction. My   experience with Tom has been top notch. He has been honest and I trust that he delivers a quality product.

Yoshi  07.04.2016     Poodle Strat


Thanks for the strat-poodle deluxe .  the overall project is "just" a stunning work of art. this is History recreated!

Francesco 31.03.2016    Poodle Strat


Your thermometer case and my nacho-caster , this is a marriage for ever ! Thank you !

Mario    12.04.2016  Thermometer


The case you sent me is absolutely beautiful, the best and most faithful recreation of a vintage classic, built with passion for the details and it's the best companion for an original or a replica. Can't wait to show your work in the next guitar show !!! All the best and thanks,

Francesco 08.03.2016   Thermometer


Hallo tom.  Danke ! Großartiges Masterbuild Case   für meine Masterbuild Stratocaster .

Ulrich    01.03. 2016  Poodle Strat


Hi again, just received the package , I’m so happy !!  Have a nice weekend,

Dominique 20.02.2016  Thermometer


Hello Tom, case has arrived a day or 2 ago.

You honestly wouldn't know..it's all I can express it looks real as real can be....you are a genius my friend.

best regards,

Phil  18.02. 2016      Poodle Tele


 Thanks for the link to the Telecaster forum and the explanation of the covering. I think your cases are worth it for

  I haven`t   seen any that recreate to your level of detail. -

Yoshi  24.12.2015   Poodle Strat


Hi, I want to let you know that the case arrived safely today. Thank You. It looks great! I appreciate the

attention to  detail.  I did compare it to a 50th anniversary reissue case and it is shaped slightly different.  Yours is  more correct .

Yoshi    Poodle Strat


- hmm. maybe i should buy a poodle case for my '53 esquire... thinking.would be a great fit for the nacho guitars too.


- Looks nice!  I would order one right now if I had the right Tele to put in it. 


- Congrats. That's very good.I searched for an original for a long time but can't find one.

  Unless you have an  original  will need to buy one from you lol.


- Frickin' great lookin' cases Tom!      I'll keep it in mind for sure.


- Hi  Tom , I try to collect money for this case within a week. Nice job coolest from all as I have seen.


- Hi Tom,  Very beautiful, you are a master craftsman!

   I’d like to buy one of the tele poodle cases.  Many thanks  - Peter


- Hi Tom,excellent job on your repro case. Here's a jpeg next to my original chipboard case. Nice solid replica.

  Case  came within a week of you shipping it too! -

Frank  Thermometer

- Hi Tom,Received it a-ok. Very good likeness to the original.  I’ll send some photos when I get a chance.

  Send me  an invove and I’ll take one of the Thermometer cases next 1 -

http://www.tdpri.com/forum/vintage-tele-discussion-forum-pre-1974/561073-thermometer-case-handmade-repros.html#post6407085 :

Frank  Poodle Tele


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