restauration and ageing

Restauration of a 51 Alligator and a 52 Brown Thermometer case:

after  restauration:

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bove cases came without covering . the brown thermometer case was in a realy bad condition and its middle pocket was missing .

before and during the restauration

comment of the Client :

“If you’ve you’re prized early 50’s guitar, with its original case damaged, missing the covering, or any part, look no further. Tom is the man if you want to bring back your case to its pristine shine.

He painstakingly researchs original parts and materials, and has an attention to detail and craftsmanship that can guarantee the best restore possibile for your vintage case.

He literally gave a second life to my old thermometer cases. Thank you”


   for your fender custom shop tweed and tolex cases :

   treatment   outside             

   treatment   inside               

   original bakelite handle   

   changed interior                 

   original lock and hings     on request

   tweed and tolex amps

   Gibson cases

   repair and restauration




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done :

Gibson Les Paul Case befor treatment

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